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1 gram pre-roll

keep your head high

This is a true unwinding, anti-anxiety s

rotating strains chosen to promote creativity, clarity, and mindfulness rolled into a one gram pre-roll. made with full bud, no shake or trim. Each label will highlight different art.

Skull Shine Labels (3).png

 Intended for those who seek an extra elevation to their smoke. Each one gram pre-roll is a blend of 75% full bud flower to 25% live bubble hash, offering a delectable taste and a smooth pull. Without the use of solvents, and the naturally heightened potency & flavor, we believe live bubble hash captures the truest expression of the plant second to flower.


This is a true unwinding, anti-anxiety s

Live bubble hash is collected using ice water to separate the trichomes from the buds through detachment by agitation. Trichomes contain all the goods (the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids) and are captured in specially designed bags throughout the process. Although similar to dry sifting, aka kief, washing with water reduces the amount of impurities resulting in a higher quality hash. 


Has the word flavor been mentioned, yet? Great bubble hash can only result from great flower, which is why Skull Shine partners with ErrlKing’s terp hunters to hand pick strains best fit for ice water extraction and their traditional hand washing set-up. In short, these Live Bubble Hash joints are simply already tasty buds lathered with extra terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids before being crafted into a pre-roll.

Rose Petal (2).png

Day n’ Night by Skull Shine offers two 1 gram pre-rolls in one glass tube. The pre-roll with the orange filter tip is an uplifting strain, suitable to keep the user focused and moving through the day's activities. The blue filter is a mellow strain, perfect for a nightcap sesh when the user is ready to wind down for the night. Made with full bud. no shake or trim.

Skull Shine Labels.png

1 gram blunt  OR  1 gram infused blunt

intentionally chosen full bud flower carefully packed into a rose petal wrap. No trim or shake. Subtle sweetness offers a tasty flavor combination to ease you into a pleasant balance of calm and uplifting. Inhaling rose petals may enhance the feeling of inner peace and also works as an aphrodisiac. Try an infused one if you're seeking extra elevation.

rose petals are fully organic, with no added dyes or artificial flavoring.

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