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Paint Splatter 2
- cally 

Skull Shine was launched in January 2022 as a passion project with intentions to share the powerful impact cannabis can have while paired with creative hobbies, mindfulness, and mother nature.

The name stems from “Skull Shining Breathing,” or Kapalabhati - a cleansing breathing technique often integrated into daily yoga practice. This technique helped control my longtime battle with migraines, but sparking up a joint was a pivotal moment for managing the pain. 

The sweet combination of elevating the mind + body movement 

became a therapy. A calmness. A connection to nature. A tool to bring you back into the moment. An emotional regulation. A pain reliever.

Cannabis quickly secured it's spot in my daily routine and spilled into other mediums including sketching, painting, cooking, gardening, hiking, dancing, + writing. 

Cannabis heightens the power that's already within you.  


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