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Kapal means “skull” and bhati means “shining.”
Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. 


Kapalbhati Pranayama, also known as “Skull Shining Breath”  is a breathing technique consisting of gentle, easy inhales, and short, powerful exhales. Internally and externally cleansing and toning, consistent practice helps purify and rejuvenate both the body and mind. As you practice, imagine the inside of your skull being filled with white light.


1. Sit cross-legged on the floor or in a chair with your feet flat, keeping your spine straight.

2. Take a long, full, deep breath in through your nose.

3. As you exhale through your nose, quickly  squeeze your stomach back towards your spine by

contracting the abdominal muscles in your Lower belly, forcing out the breath.
4. Release the muscles of your stomach and your next breath will flow into your lungs, 
filling them automatically.
5. Take 20 breaths this way to complete one round of Kapalbhati Pranayama.

6. After completing, relax with your eyes closed. 

7. Observe the sensations in your body.

8. Repeat for 2 more rounds.

TIP: Concentrate only on your short and powerful exhalation. The moment your abdominal muscles relax, inhalation will happen naturally.

*IMPORTANT: You should always feel good, calm, relaxed, functional & alert after each pranayama session. Practice moderately & carefully in the beginning, increasing as you become more comfortable.


- Enhances the capacity of your lungs and makes them stronger.

- Improves the blood flow of your body and the detoxifying process, strengthening the function

of the liver and kidneys.

Stimulates all internal organs, regulating acidity and gas-related issues. 

- Helps improve overall blood circulation, digestion, and metabolism dramatically.

Energizes your nerves and refreshes the brain, helping to regulate emotions, mood swings,

and anxiety.

- Increased blood flow causes hair growth, and helps detoxify your facial skin, cleansing the

skin and providing a radiant glow. 


- Relaxation of the face and eyes can help do away with dark circles under the eyes, slowing

the signs of aging.


- Activates your chakras.

- Gain control of your mental strength while at the same time gaining core physical strength.


Cannabis has been used alongside traditional religious practices, holistic healing, meditation, fasting, and sacramental rituals all around the world, amongst many different cultures, for millennia. This giving, versatile, herb is considered to be a sacred medicinal plant that benefits the physical, emotional, and spiritual body.


Consuming cannabis helps many users reel their minds back into their bodies prior to settling down for practice, allowing you to plunge into a deeper, more meditative state. Although there are no shortcuts to inner peace, cannabis can be used as a natural tool to tune into your body, anchor down into the current moment, and expand your sense of self-awareness. This sweet combination can help open the spiritual door, while melting away physical pain simultaneously.


Start with pairing a small amount of cannabis to your pranayama practice, and slowly build on your consumption with each session as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind, cannabis may not be a good fit for everyone. If you are not feeling relaxed, calm, or functional, this may be an indication to use less or stop as a whole.

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